The adidas Ultra Boost was the best sneaker of 2015, and there’s no argument to be had about that. But it was going to be interesting to see if the brand could make the shoe relevant more than a year after it came out. And the answer is yes, it definitely was able to do that. The reason being that it was able to flip the already popular Ultra Boost into the brand-new Ultra Boost Uncaged, but, for once, that idea exactly wasn’t adidas’ to begin with.

After the Ultra Boost came out, some people thought they looked better without their plastic Three Stripes cage on them. So they cut them off. This turned the sneaker into a true sock, much like Nike’s Sock Dart, and adidas decided to pay attention to the consumer. The end result was the first cage-less Ultra Boost, done in collaboration with lifestyle publication and blog Hypebeast. This shoe was shortly followed by the best sneaker collaboration of the year so far, Solebox’s Ultra Boost Uncaged. Adidas didn’t stop there, though: They decided to make a new version of the Ultra Boost Uncaged, this time with a sock-like collar on the shoe.

There are quite a few differences between the Ultra Boost Uncaged collaborations and the new version, set to release on June 29. Besides the sock collar on the upper, there are also the signature Three Stripes on the toe, which is lacking on the first pairs. They can truly be worn like a sock, and that's what people have been looking for.

We were lucky enough to receive a pair from adidas, which came with a special packaging. Take a look at the photos below.